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We provide an array of services that begin at the intersection of community, creativity, and clientele

We have a team experienced in all aspects of Geotechnical, Geo-Environmental, and Construction Materials Testing and Inspection, to assist clients to assess and manage challenges associated with their project, which can impact development and the operation of assets. In particular, we understand our clients issues, and how to assess, manage and mitigate potential project risk, to ensure for lasting relationships.


  • The key to successful implementation of engineering designs is good site management. The complex nature of geotechnical and geo-environmental designs and the frequent requirement for third party verification requires skilled engineers to support client teams during construction. NADIC employs dedicated engineers and technicians who understand the construction process and the importance of timely integration of ground-related solutions into development and building projects.

    Our Team are highly trained, certified, and have the experience to provide testing and inspection services for a wide range of construction projects. Using various techniques, we are able to provide clients with quantifiable results on the durability, strength, and characteristics of materials used to build structural elements. Inspections are performed on a variety of construction processes and materials, to confirm compliance with applicable codes and/or project specifications.

    Our Construction Materials Testing and Inspection Services:

    • Soils & Foundation
    • Concrete
    • Pavements
    • Masonry
    • Structural
    • Specialty

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  • At NADIC, our breadth of experience and expertise in geotechnical services allows us to identify the most pragmatic solutions at all stages of your project. Our holistic approach to geotechnical investigation provides our clients with real value engineering solutions. Our project teams are accustomed to close integration with the Architectural, Structural and Civil, design team. This builds successful team relationships and maximizes a collaborative approach to engineering solutions.

    We offer a wide range of geotechnical services to help you to effectively manage challenges and reduce risk whether it be for a deep foundation excavation, managing potentially unstable slopes, reuse of old foundations or design of new foundations, controlling earthworks or predicting ground movements. Our support does not stop ‘at the door’ and we continue to support our clients during each stage of the construction process, providing advice and guidance from feasibility and planning through to design and construction.

    Our Geotechnical Engineering Services:

    • Preliminary/Pre-development
    • Foundation/Specialty Analysis
    • Roadway/Transportation Studies
    • Groundwater/Effluent Disposal
    • Laboratory Services
    • Field and Drilling Services
    • Expert Witness
    • Hydrogeological Assessments

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  • We recognize that our clients work extremely hard in a challenging industry so our team can take the strain in all areas of geo-environmental services. We are technical specialists in the investigation, assessment and regeneration of brownfield and contaminated sites ranging from single development plots to some of the large developments. We have a proven track record of developing pragmatic solutions to manage the historical legacy of land and groundwater contamination, unlocking the value of problematic sites and facilitating sustainable development.

    We are able to provide the complete range of geo-environmental consultancy services through all stages of your development. We will work with you, the project team and key stakeholders to generate an effective site-specific strategy that aligns with your development aspirations and site constraints. At NADIC we believe in providing integrated development solutions, combining our in-depth geo-environmental knowledge with our specialist geotechnical services, to achieve a practical solution that adds value and satisfies regulatory and building requirements.

    We routinely support our clients with the following key services:

    • Environmental due diligence
    • Storm-water/NPDES
    • Industrial Hygiene
    • Remediation Services
    • Natural Resources

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  • Arts & Entertainment are a central thread woven in every community. They inspire creativity and great design. To achieve such a design, clients need a partner who understands the challenges of these projects. Our team’s collaborative philosophy enables us to realize these complex goals. We work with stakeholders, developers, contractors, and the community to deliver successful cultural projects

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  • Today's education facilities need to be designed and built to ensure that effective learning, teaching and research can be delivered. Our goal is to create educational facilities that enrich the student’s learning experience. Whether it is colleges, universities or preK-12, our team has the right skills and experience to assist in creating legacy assets for the future of education.

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  • Government agencies undertake a multitude of complex tasks to serve and safeguard our communities. From responding to urgent infrastructure needs to protecting national resources, the agencies must perform quickly and cost effectively. We act as a trusted advisor to many governments and authorities who need projects delivered efficiently and effectively.

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  • Our team supports renovation and relocation projects, as well as new construction initiatives for public and private housing, retail, office, mixed development, industrial and hospitality clients. We understand the complexity of the challenges of such projects and we minimize the potential risk to the project. Our professional and technical staff work across a range of market segments, and provide services across the entire life cycle of a project's delivery from assessment through design, to delivery.

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  • Transportation what makes the world go around. The needs for repair, expansion and construction of transportation infrastructure are increasingly becoming more complex. We understand the importance of efficient road, rail and air transport facilities. Our people have the experience and wide-ranging expertise to plan, design, and build the infrastructure of the future. Our insightful approach comes from our talented professionals, who have worked on wide range of transportation projects. We shape projects from initial planning through final design, and construction.

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  • "Water is Life" Issues influencing water management and sustainability today and in the future - for industry, business and communities - involve a complex array of factors. We partner with private and government entities on planning, design and construction of water infrastructure. Along with our water management approach, which goes beyond the planning, design and construction of water, wastewater, stormwater and alternative water sources we have a unique understanding of ground conditions and hydrology to produce full-cycle water solutions.

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